Major Fabrication Jobs

Sr. No. Description Of Job Client
1 Fabrication , Supply and Commissioning of Column Pipe for Raw Water Pump No. 1 at Rig Sagar Shakti ONGC
2 Fabrication ,Supply & installation of crane cabin(02 Nos) ONGC
3 Fabrication and supply of brake band liners along with necessary accessories for08.Nos anchor winches along with necessary accessories ONGC
4 Fabrication and Installation of SS Foundation Skids For Vacuum Neelam Platform ONGC
5 Procurement of bracelet ring for sacrificial anode ONGC
6 Fabrication of AHU Blowers of HVAC Systems of Heera Platform ONGC
7 Fabrications and Supply of Air Receiver Tank for Sagar Jyoti ONGC
8 Fabrication and Replacement of Cu-Ni and Cu Pipe Lines at Neelam Platform ONGC
9 Fabrication and Installation Canopy Alumayer India Ltd
10 Fabrication and installation of pipe supports guide plates and U clamps ONGC
11 Fabrication, supply and installation of scada bunk house ONGC