Services Rendered

Fabrication of Structures and Piping

The company takes up turnkey projects in the field of Structural and Piping Fabrication at Onshore/Offshore sites. We provide design and engineering services which includes designing a system, procurement of materials, fabrication, erection, installation, and commissioning.

Engineering Jobs

The company is in the business of fabrication and repair of engineering jobs like blowers/impeller, pumps, motors, starters, gear box assembly, repair of all types of valves and pumps, shafts etc.

Insulation (Hot/Cold & Acoustic)

We also specialize in insulation and cladding jobs at offshore platforms and rigs. We provide design and services which includes procurement, supply and installation and commissioning. We have carried insulation on Pipes & Vessels (Hot and Cold insulation), HVAC ducts, TG ducts and Air Handling Units and Hot Water Tanks etc.


We carry out maintenance / overhauling / installation of FWP (Fire Water Pumps), SWLP (Sea Water Lift Pumps), PGC* (Process Gas Compressors), TG* (Gas Turbine), MOL Pumps (Main Oil Line), UG (Utility Generator), EG (Emergency Generator), Industrial Washing Machine etc.

*Under OEM supervision.

Third Party Inspection

We have carried out major jobs under supervision of third party inspection agencies i.e. DNV, LLOYDS, ABS, EIL ICS, CIEL TUV, IRS, etc.