Quality, Health & Safety

Quality Policy

It is the policy of JPC Enterprises to identify customer needs and to ensure "Total customer satisfaction" through sustained Endeavour by maintaining quality, delivery schedule and trouble free services.

Health & Safety Policy

JPC is committed to protecting the environment, health, safety and security (EHS&S) of our employees, visitors and the communities where we work and live by operating our facilities in an environmentally sound and safe manner consistent with our corporate standards and applicable regulations. We recognize that by demonstrating leadership in safety, health and environmental management and by integrating EHS&S practices into all aspects of our operations, we can conserve resources, reduce hazards and risks, and support our strategy for excellence and growth.

JPC recognizes that we are part of, and affect the communities in which we operate. We will keep our employees well informed about the EHS&S consequences of our activities, and we will maintain an open dialogue with the public about EHS&S issues.

Consistent with this policy, JPC shall:

  • Ensure all employees are aware of their role and responsibility and held accountable to fulfill and sustain ISP's EHS&S policy.
  • Provide management leadership and encourage all employees to take responsibility and ownership for safety;
  • Work to prevent adverse EHS&S impacts, reduce wastes and emissions, and promote resource conservation throughout the life of our products;
  • Comply with applicable laws and regulations and adhere to company EHS&S policies and procedures, and with regularity, review and evaluate EHS&S programs and practices to assure they are effective and up to date.
  • Integrate EHS&S requirements into operational and business planning, research and development, and management systems.
  • Design, manage and operate our facilities in a manner which promotes energy efficiency and strives to reduce the environmental foot print of our activities;
  • Participate in legislative and public review processes to promote EHS&S laws and regulations that are protective of human health and the environment and consistent with scientific, technological, and risk assessment principles;
  • Share EHS&S best practices among company elements and other business, agency, and academic entities through participation in appropriate industry, government, and academic forums; and
  • Communicate appropriately with employees, suppliers, regulators, customers, and the general public regarding EHS&S aspects of company operations.
    To implement these goals, JPC has developed EHS&S standards and practices which cover the key elements, obligations and responsibilities embodied in this policy statement. ISP will apply these standards and practices in the day-to-day conduct of its business. In so doing, JPC will demonstrate its commitment to continually improve its EHS&S management system and to maintain its status as a good corporate citizen.