Company Profile

Our Partners

  1. Jagat Singh Bisht
  2. Praveen Chauhan

Expertised Services

  • Revamping & Modifications of Rotary equipment packages includes Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation jobs - LSTK Projects.
  • Refurbishment of Hydraulic cylinders.
  • Repair & Overhauling of rotary equipments such as TG (Gas Turbine), PGC Process Gas Compressors, (FWP) Firewater Pumps, MOL Pumps(Main Oil Line), Utility Generator(UG), Emergency Generator ( EG).
  • Structural Fabrication & Piping.
  • Insulation(Hot/Cold & Acoustics)

Range Of Services

  • Engineering
  • Project Implementation, Procurement, Construction
  • Start-up, Commissioning, Training of Client personnel

Our Strategy

We approach each individual project in three stages

  1. Identifying customer/Client requirements.
  2. Engineering & Procurement stage.
  3. Implementation & Construction Stage.



We have qualified employees of different skills in our team. They are our assets. Our specialists will be organized in to task forces or the site depending on the complexity and size of the project. Will allocate our team on the project over all phases of engineering, implementation and comprises of Project In charge, Project Engineers, Site Engineers, QA/QC Team, Supervisors, Skilled Manpower (such as Technicians, TPI approved welders, Fabricators, Fitters, Riggers).


We have a well equipped workshop with all modern facilities for fabrication, assembly and testing such as Welding machines, inspection tables, pressure testing facility, machining tools, drilling, pressing etc. Our factory have a good material handling facility with good access. We also have the electronic design and PPM support facilities.